PostHeaderIcon What You Need to Know Before Buying the Coleman BlackCat Catalytic Tent Heater

This little tent heater is worth its weight in gold.  With an electronic ignition switch, it starts quickly so you can reach out of your sleeping bag with one hand and warm up your tent before getting up.

If you love to camp, but hate to be cold, this heater will be your new camping companion.

Coleman BlackCat Propane Tent HeaterThe Coleman BlackCat Heater is a catalytic heater that puts out 3000 BTU’s of heat.  It will operate for up to 7 hours with one 16.4 oz. cylinder of propane.

It is totally portable and has an easy-grip handle for carrying.  This version also has legs that fold out to allow the heater to be positioned in away that directs the heat toward you (others are made so that they just point up).

One warning though –  this heater may throw a small flame upon ignition.  So it is recommended to light it outside.

Take a look at these Features:

  • Easy, Matchless Lighting With Electronic Ignition
  • Safe, Flameless Heat
  • High and Low Temperature Settings
  • 3000 BTU Heat Output
  • Up to 7-hour Running Time With 16.4 oz. Propane Cylinder (on Low Setting)

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See What Others Have to Say About This Heater:

D. Hajek says it was worth every penny.

I bought this before a camping trip for my 8 person tent and was impressed how well the heater kept the tent warm.  With the temp outside in the low 50
s, I was very comfortable inside with just shorts and a t-shirt.

Review paraphrased for space, See Full Review Here

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