PostHeaderIcon Warning: Do Not Buy The Camco Olympian Catalytic Heater Until You Read This

If you are wanting to heat an RV, a large camper or extra large tent, this may be the ideal propane heater for you.

Camco Olympian Wave HeaterThe Camco Olympian Wave Heater puts out 6000 BTU’s of heat and operates on low-pressure LP gas.  It can be used either as a wall-mounted unit or as a portable heater.

It does not require a blower nor use electrical power to control the heat, so it will not be a drain to your camper batteries.

It lights quickly with an electronic ignition switch and does not guzzle propane like other tent heaters.  On a low setting, it will warm a large camper up to the low 70’s

Take a Look at these Features:

  • Can Be Wall Mounted or Portable
  • No Electrical Drain or Battery Connection
  • Adjustable from 3200 to 6000 BTU’s
  • Operates on Low Pressure LP Gas
  • Efficient – Uses Small Amount of Propane
  • Equipped with 100 Percent Safety Shut-off Valve
  • Lights Quickly With Automatic Piezo-electric Spark Starter

Possible Cons:

  • Must keep the catalytic mat clean
  • NOT Suitable for Dusty Camping Conditions (Desert Camping)

You Can Purchase This Heater On Sale Here

See what other buyers have to say:

T. Miller:

I purchased the Olympian Wave 6 Catalytic Heater for use in a Starcraft Popup Camper.  It fits the use in this camper perfectly.  It takes a few minutes before bed to get it out and going.  It lights quickly and within 5 minutes is fully “cooking”.  It is an outstanding product that is easy to use, super efficient, quiet and just cranks out the heat.”

Review paraphrased for space.  See Full Review Here

If you are a fan of dry camping, this heater is just what you need!

Smaller models are also available:

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