PostHeaderIcon Tent Heater Report: What Makes the Coleman Cat Propane Heater Your Choice?

If you are looking for a propane tent heater to keep your full size ‘cold-weather’ tent warm and toasty overnight, this may be the heater for you.

Coleman ProCat Propane Tent HeaterWith3000 BTU output this Coleman propane heater will run for up to 8 hours on one 16.4 oz. tank (larger tanks cannot be used with this unit).  This means no more getting dressed in the cold – your tent will still be warm in the morning!

There is a battery operated fan (2 ‘D’ batteries) that will blow the heated air away from the unit.  This is what warms your entire tent.  Without the fan it is a radiant heat unit – meaning you need to stand close to it to feel the heat.

It has a large surface area, the heating head being bigger than other heaters of similar size, so the fan is working across a larger area which means it can throw out a good amount of heat.


  • Fan gives better heat circulation for warming a larger area.
  • Will operate for up to 8 hours on a 16.4 oz. propane cylinder.
  • Designed for indoor use – it is totally portable.
  • Easy to operate with a piezoelectric ignition switch for fast start.


  • Heater WILL throw off a small fire ball when first lit, therefore MUST be lit outside.
  • Cannot be put on a larger propane container, so it may not run all night.
  • Output cannot be regulated – it is either on or off!

You Can Buy The Coleman ProCat Heater on Sale Here

See what other owners have to say about it:

CO Camper:

We purchased 2 Coleman ProCat heaters for our large tent and even though I was skeptical, they worked beautifully.  The heaters ran over 8 hours without giving up and it was warm enough not to see our breath – an oddity in the Colorado mountains at 5 a.m. for sure!

Paraphrased for space, see Full Review Here

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