PostHeaderIcon Tent Heater Report. Don’t Buy the Mr Heater Big Buddy Heater Until You Read This

Mr Heater MH18B Portable “Big Buddy” Heater is simply amazing.  Their all new design has more capacity and better features than the older model.

This safe portable buddy heater is specially designed for use indoors – great as a tent heater when camping or to use at home while working in your garage.

This totally portable heater produces nothing short of outstanding heat and when used with 20 lb cylinders, can heat 400 square feet for up to 220 hours on low.

Another cool feature is that it now has a blower which can run off of 4 ‘D’ Batteries or an A/C adapter.

And with an automatic low-oxygen shut-off system, this unit will keep you and your family safe as well as warm.

This heater is currently on sale through this link now.

Let’s take a look at all of the amazing features:

  • Battery or A/C powered blower fan
  • Easy Start with the Built-in Piezo Starter
  • Easy Wall Mounting System
  • Steady Temperature Control with 3 Heat Settings
  • Large Knobs for Ease of Use With Gloves
  • Good For 3-12 Hours of Heating
  • Tip-Over Automatic Shut-Off For Safety
  • To Get This Heater For 42% Off Retail, You Can Buy It From Amazon Through This Link

Overall, for the price that they charge, you will find this a great heater that will keep your tent, camper, shop or garage at just the right temperature.

Let me show you what current owners have to say about it:

J. Smith

I bought this heater for tent camping and it puts out a ton of heat – we even had to partially unzip our tent to let out heat with it on low.  The heater will last about 1 1/3 mights on low with two 1 lb bottles.  Great Buy!

Review Paraphrased, See Full Review Here.

And I found this review to be really helpful to avoid problems that others have had:

Christopher M. said:
Make sure that when you use this heater with a 20 lb. propane bottle and accessory hose, that you always shut the tank off first and let the heater run until it burns off all the fuel in the lines.  **IMPERATIVE TO FOLLOW THIS ADVICE**

Review Paraphrased, See Full Review Here

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